Thank you TEACHERS!!!

It’s that time of year! Thank you, teachers!

It is that time of year. And what a year it has been. Some of us went in person to school, some of us were online all year.  Some of us did a bit of both.

Our teachers have shown resiliency and showed up for our kids in this strange new world.   Let’s show our gratitude by giving back, to the teacher and to their charity of choice with a group gift that gives back.

Wish & Give is the great solution to thanking teachers virtually.  Our online platform helps you arrange a class monetary gift and a donation to their favourite charity.  All from the comfort of home.  No shopping required. And everyone will feel great about giving back to a local charity.

How to set up a class thank you gift:

  1. Ask your teacher what charity they would like to support.
  2. Log in to  – choose ‘teachers gift’
  3. Design your invitation and click submit
  4. Send the private URL to the parents in your class via email
  5. After all the contributions are in email us, and we’ll send the cash gift* to your teacher and the donation to the charity.

Easy-peasy and everyone will feel great about giving back.  Canadian charities need our support more than ever now.  This is a one-stop-shop to do something good and thank your teacher.

No shopping. No leaving home. And feel good about supporting a local charity!

*We use Pay Pal to send the gift, minus the administration fees of 5.5% and 50 cents per transaction.