The Basics

First off, thank you so much for raising money for a local charity through your special event! With Wish & Give’s unique platform, you can either sell tickets or send out invitations that also give guests an opportunity to donate to your charity of choice. Little by little everything adds up to making a big difference.

Simply choose from more than 86,000 small, local registered charities across Canada with your postal code. You’ll discover wonderful causes in your own community! Donations raised through your Wish & Give event go directly to the organization you select. (You can even offer guests the option of choosing the charity they’d like to give to!) It’s that easy.

Selling Tickets? Through Wish & Give, hosts can offer guests the opportunity to add a small donation to a local charity when purchasing a ticket. Hosts simply select contributions of $2, $5 or $10 (or any amount they want!). Then they can easily track both ticket sales and fundraising efforts.

Sending Invitations? When guests receive your invitation through Wish & Give, they have the option of contributing to a group gift and making a donation of $2, $5 or $10 (or any amount their heart desires – and bank account allows!) to your favourite local charity. Gift giving has never been easier – or more environmentally friendly! No shopping or wrapping required!

Many local charities are so busy doing important grassroots work in our communities that they lack the resources (and time!) to fundraise. Wish & Give is all about connecting these small organizations with generous individuals like you who want to raise money through personal events and parties. Together, we can make our communities even stronger!

We provide hosts access to more than 86,000 registered, local Canadian charities! Just search our database using your postal code and we’ll help you find an organization in your backyard and raise money for a cause you truly care about.

We’re glad you asked that question! Wish & Give is completely transparent in helping communities thrive. We keep costs down to the bare minimum so charities get the maximum benefit.

Wish and Give applies a basic fundraising fee towards funds raised for each charity.

We simply want to help as many small, local charities as possible, so we don’t charge organizations to be included in our database. This also gives hosts and guests lots of fundraising options!

Absolutely none. We clearly mark transaction fees at the point of sale.

This is how it works: For every ticket sold or gift given, Wish & Give charges a small transaction fee of 2.6% plus $0.69. PayPal charges an additional 2.9% plus $0.30 per transaction. So the total transaction fee is 5.5% plus $0.99, split between the party host and the charity. For event ticket sales the guest pays the transaction fee for party invitations, the host absorbs the fees.

For example at a birthday party, a $15 dollar gift to the birthday kid, the transaction fee to the host will be $1.32.

On the ticketing side, a $10 ticket will cost the guest $11.54.

The Host

In Canada, charities can only issue tax receipts directly to the individuals who made the donation. Since Wish & Give guests are giving the charitable contributions, hosts do not receive a tax receipt. (However, they will feel pretty amazing knowing their event added up to big change in their community!)
Our database includes more than 86,000 incredible local charities with proven track records in helping communities thrive. Simply type your postal code in our system to discover an organization addressing a cause you care about right in your backyard! You can also provide guests with the option to choose the charity they would like to give to. Prefer to fundraise for an organization not in our database, such as your child’s sports team? We can make that happen! Just email us:
In Canada, businesses hosting events need to charge GST/HST. Wish & Give’s system provides the option of charging sales tax to your ticket.

To help promote your event, increase ticket sales (and donations!), we make it easy for you to share your event via social media and email. We’ll also feature your event on our website and social media pages to help spread the word!

Is your party private? Through our system, you can set your event to private and just send out emails or share the event page URL to invited guests only. In that case, we don’t do any promotion – your secret is safe with us!

No problem! Just collect the money (say thank you, of course) and you can make the donation on your own. If some of the money is for your group gift, be sure to allocate that portion to the item you’ll be purchasing.
We think your generosity is amazing and worthy of celebration! Plus, it makes us feel really good to say “thank you” for helping small, local organizations, so please email us a photo after your event so we can feature you as a “Local Community Champion.” We hope sharing stories like yours will inspire others to do the same. (But if you’d prefer to stay incognito, we totally understand.)
Wish & Give keeps track of all the money raised for you! Just log into your account and you can see the total donations on the Host Dashboard. For ticketed events, we also track tickets sold and guest responses. In the case of invitations, you’ll see how much money was raised for your group gift, too. Super simple and easy to navigate.
After your event, Wish & Give delivers your donations directly to the local charity you have chosen. If your guests contributed to a group gift, Wish & Give will send you those funds either via cheque or PayPal.
Of course! Simply set the ticket amount to zero dollars. And you can still choose a small donation of $2, $5 or $10 that your guests can give to a local charity. Any amount will add up to big change for small organizations. Your free event will include a wealth of meaning for everyone.

The Guests

Welcome! We are so excited you’re experiencing a Wish & Give event for the first time! By selling tickets or sending out invitations through Wish & Give, your host is also raising money for a small, local charity. Together, you and your host are supporting incredible grassroots work and helping your community thrive. Thank you!

Yes! Through Wish & Give, hosts and guests discover that sometimes it’s good to give and receive! In lieu of presents, your host is providing guests with the option to contribute to a group gift while making a donation to charity.

For example, maybe your host is hoping to purchase a camera while raising money for a local animal shelter he or she really loves. So you decide you’d like to contribute $20 to the gift and then you can make a $2, $5 or $10 (or more if you like!) donation to the shelter. Basically, you are just splitting what you would normally spend on a gift between the group gift and donation -- no shopping or wrapping required! How’s that for environmentally friendly gift giving?

Issuing tax receipts to every guest would be a huge administrative cost and would require Wish & Give to charge charities a membership fee. Any fee would be unaffordable for many small, grassroots organizations and we want to help all of Canada’s 86,000 local registered charities with fundraising. So we decided not to charge charities a membership fee, which means that, at this time, we’re not issuing tax receipts to guests.

The Charity

Thank you so much for your interest! Wish & Give doesn’t charge a membership fee so even small charities can work with us.

You can also promote Wish & Give to your donors so they can fundraise for you! Simply add a link to Wish & Give on your website (we’d be happy to provide you with our logo) or send an email to your donors to let them know about raising money through Wish & Give events. Together, we can help our communities thrive!

At this time we are only able to host events in Canada.

If you didn’t find the answer to your question, feel free to contact us at any time! Simply send your query to: