Choose a Cause

Simply search for a local charity using your postal code. You’ll discover organizations right in your backyard! With Wish & Give, you can choose from more than 86,000 local, registered charities across Canada. You can even decide to raise money for your neigbourhood sports team! Whatever cause you’re passionate about, Wish & Give has you covered.

Create Event

Fundraising for a local charity through your event is simple with Wish & Give’s unique platform! Just start by deciding whether you’re selling tickets or sending out invitations. Then we’ll guide you through every step. (We told you it would be simple, right?)

Invite Guests

It feels good to GIVE and receive! When you send invitations through Wish & Give, you offer guests an opportunity to make a donation to your local charity of choice and to give toward a group gift for you. If you’re selling tickets for an event through Wish & Give’s platform, you can also raise money for your chosen charity. Everyone thrives!

Become a Local Community Champion

Helping a local charity do incredible grassroots work is worth a celebration! When you use Wish & Give to fundraise through your event, you’ll be featured as a “Local Community Champion.” Your generosity helps strengthen your community, and saying “thank you” makes us feel really good, too.